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Case Study Teaching and Research Center (個案教學與研究中心) is founded under CMPU since 2012. It allows faculty and professional practitioners to work cooperatively to develop a number of local case studies that could give students a closer look and better understanding of the local companies.

Dr. Chui-Chun Tsai, Director of the center of Case Study Teaching and Researching Center  


Tel04-26328001 ext.13209

CMPU has developed the Teaching and Research Center of Business Ethics (
企業倫理教學與研究中心), aiming to strengthen faculty of business ethics, share teaching materials and learning experiences and nurture future managers that have an adequate understanding of ethics and ethical decision-making. Moreover, PU has been supplying the research results on ethics to sectors across diverse industries so as to form a well-established academia-industry exchange web.

Dr. Yung-I Lou, Director of the Teaching and Research Center of Business Ethics


Tel: 04-26328001 ext. 13225

Mih-Jiuan Hsieh, Secretary of College of Management  




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